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While not an exhaustive list, below you will find various examples of special features

available for future projects. Contact me to discuss other options and ideas


French Polished Face

My standard instrument finish is sprayed Nitrocellulose lacquer throughout. I spray my finishes in-house with careful attention paid to film thickness. My goal is the thinnest finish achievable, for mainly sonic but also aesthetic reasons. There is however a limit to how thinly a finish can be sprayed. For this reason I also offer the option of a French Polished top (bridge included), with the rest of the instrument in my standard lacquer. My French Polish finishes are an order of magnitude thinner than my sprayed finishes. This gives my tops significantly more mechanical admittance, at the expense of a considerable amount of extra effort on my end and more careful handling required on the owner's end. 

French Polish Throughout 

For discerning players who appreciate the natural beauty, organic nature and traditional craftsmanship of French Polish. Although the aural benefits of French Polish are most pronounced in the top, the back can derive major benefits as well.

I find this finish to be aesthetically peerless. With its warm tint , pronounced grain and high gloss, instruments finished with this traditional approach give the sense of a more natural and organic overall object


Fretboard position Markers

All of my instruments come standard with fine silver side position markers. I am happy to add position markers on the playing surface for players who desire them. Pictured is one of the many different styles of markers that I've made in the past. I also offer 18K gold side position markers.

Back of Neck Inlay

A surface that is not typically decorated, I have offered Back of Neck Inlays since being exposed to Ervin Somogyi's incredible work and techniques. Careful attention is paid to material selection and execution, so as to leave the neck looking a bit more beautiful without a hint of altered sensation in the hand. 


Various embellishments and decorative details

I am happy to explore what can be used and where things can be used to decorate an instrument tastefully. Options are just about limitless, with the proviso that we spend the time and effort to find an idea that works for both of us. So while this means I probably won't be inlaying your name in large letters across the fretboard... I am happy to explore options. Contact me if you'd like to discuss your ideas. 

Laminated Nut 

A small and tasteful touch borrowed from my mentor, Ervin Somogyi. While my standard nuts are made from high quality bone and feature the same careful geometry as pictured, the addition of laminations and different materials make for a delightful upgrade.

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